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 About Me 

 Sophia Martina Lopez 


Hello, my name is Sophia Martina Lopez.

~ ~ ~

I am a healer and artist of many mediums.


I am an herbalist, bodyworker, womb worker (aka full spectrum doula), dancer, drummer, and teacher! 

I was born and raised in the Bay Area, watched over by mighty oaks, trickling streams, fiery madrones, whispering willows, and the many spirits  that walk this land (which I called fairies as a child).  

I honor the Indigenous people of the lands I was raised on, Huchiun, territory of the Lisjan Ohlone people, who still live on and tend these lands. 

 I prayerfully walk upon this land for healing, weaving with and ever remembering the medicine ways of my Mexican, Scottish, Choctaw, and mixed Mediterranean ancestry.

Let me unravel my story...

I began walking my healing arts path at a young age growing up with my herbalist mother and plant wise abuela.  My earliest herbal memory was at age 7, when my abuela showed my sister and I how to make a leaf poultice of "malvas," also known as wild mallow, and put it on her skin to relieve her eczema.  As a teenager, I was blessed with the opportunity to apprentice with an amazing herbalist and medicine maker, Tony Seifert, who is now in the spirit realm.  In my college years, I started a student run herbal apothecary, held a weekly herbal learning circle, led seasonal plant walks, and taught a three month long intro to herbalism course.  I soon became the campus healing witch, who even the school's nurses would refer students to for herbal remedies.  Cupid shot me with an herbal arrow at a young age and the healers path plopped into my lap unfurling a strong tap root.   Eventually, I dedicated two deep years of learning at the California School of Herbal Studies.  My love affair with plants was seeded young and now, years later, those seeds have grown into a lush garden that I cross pollinate with other healing modalities.  

Being the oldest of four children all born at home and attending each birth inspired my dream of becoming a midwife.  I remember cutting my little brothers umbilical cord at age 11 in what felt like an enchanted and awestruck trance.  Then I knew, I was born to witness and support these intimate rites of passage.  Although I am not a midwife yet, I am walking towards that guiding light, and am supporting my community as a womb worker aka full spectrum doula.  When people think of doula though, they think of birth and when they think of birth they think of baby and beyond...  

I am a birth worker but I also hold space for the full circle of womb experiences.  

I support people with another type of birth, those of abortions and pregnancy losses.  

This too began with my own beautiful initiatory experience with abortion. 

Since then, I have been supporting others through the thresholds of abortions and pregnancy losses, every step of the way.  I help people explore all their options and integrate herbal + nutritional support, bodywork, art making, and ritual to create a wholesome and integrated experience.  I also make myself available to attend the actual pregnancy release.  

In my other womb work, I focus on body literacy & fertility awareness coaching, herbal contraception, ritualized rites of passage for all ages and phases (from menarche --->menopause), priestess work, abdominal massage, and all things sexual & reproductive


My desire to become a bodyworker stemmed from my love for abdominal massage and the desire to fine tune my innate gift for the laying of hands.  I was pondering the lack of touch that my herbal sessions were having and realized I could create an even more complete session by integrating in bodywork.  As a lifelong dancer and drummer, my body has always been my center of expression and I realized how profound and natural it would be to connect to another body through healing touch.  When I discovered Thai massage and Shiatsu, they came to me so naturally as if my body was remembering something it had done long before.  I approach my bodywork sessions as a healing dance between our two bodies.  

I work from an intuitive approach that flows out of me as easily as a spring from the earth.  

Together, I combine these three threads of herbalism, bodywork, and womb work into one basket of healing offerings to share with my community.

 I am also passionate about teaching and mentoring young healers to find their unique medicine and bring it to the world and I offer a variety of classes, courses, mentorships, and apprenticeship opportunities.

~ ~ ~

About my passion for dreaming...

Dreams are and have always been my ultimate guides.  

It is the place where my inner voice meets in confluence with elders, teachers, world soul wisdom, friends, family, and the infinite mysteries.  

I have a daily practice of recording my dreams and they are my life anchor, my North Star.  Sometimes I will dream remedies for the people I am working with or sometimes they will advise me about something I didn't notice at first glance.  I integrate this into my healing practice and I also hold dream council space for others.

If you are curious to explore your dream terrain, have some dreams that are drawing your attention and you don't know where to start then let's converse.  

I can help you detangle them and be a facilitator for you to uncover their meanings so they can be medicine for your life.

Or maybe, you don't dream much or don't really remember them and want to.  We can work there too.

Other tools I weave into my work include astronomy and medical astrology with a passion for sidereal charting, various forms of divination, as well as ritual creation.

My medicine practice is ever unfolding and evolving!

Like a river it always flows!

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