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~ Bodywork ~

As a life long dancer, I see bodywork as a healing dance between two bodies.  My massage sessions flow like water, carrying the receiver on a meditative journey down stream to discover what healing jewels lie below. My practice is rooted in the grounding elements of nature, channeling healing energy into your body, mind, and spirit.

I practice both table and floor work specializing in:

Thai Massage




Prenatal & Postpartum Massage

Abdominal Massage 


Intuitive Energy Healing

Botanical Bodywork

What is Botanical Bodywork?

Botanical Bodywork is what I call the convergence of herbalism and bodywork.  Traditionally many bodyworkers worked with herbs incorporating plant medicine into their healing arts practice and vise versa.  In a botanical bodywork session

we spend half the time in a bodywork flow and half in a conversational herbal intake flow which may include tongue and pulse assessment and space holding for a discussion about your healing journey and wellness goals.  After our session, I craft custom herbal remedies suited just for your needs.

Sometimes in the bodywork portion, I may channel a plant spirit or a few that want to come down into the session and bestow their unique healing gifts.



About Abdominal Massage:

The center of our being is rooted in the naval and so much gets stored in this area of the body that is commonly left untouched in most massage sessions.  Abdominal massage is profound work that supports emotional release, digestive health, constipation relief, reproductive health, fertility, organ balancing, and overall wellness.  Different areas of the belly correspond to individual organs and through therapeutic touch can be influenced and brought back into balance.  Abdominal massage supports a wide array of reproductive experiences as well including:

Painful or Irregular Menstruation

Uterine or Ovarian Fibroids


Postpartum Recovery (vaginal or cesarean)

Abortion & Pregnancy loss


Menarche Transition

Menopausal Transition

Healing from sexual trauma

Sessions and Rates:

60 minute: $100

90 minute: $150

Botanical Bodywork 2 hour (120 minute): $200

*Herbal remedies I prepare for you are an additional cost

Modes of payment accepted:

Cash, Check, Venmo, Zelle, PayPal

*Sliding scale and reduced rate options available upon inquiry

 ~ ~ Gift Certificates Available! ~ ~

Fill out the form below to purchase

*Sliding scale and reduced rate options available upon inquiry

Where Do Sessions Take Place?


Berkeley Acupuncture Project

1229 Solano Ave, Albany, CA 94706


Other Days:

House Visits in the comfort of your own home

To Book a Session:

Email me at and we'll schedule a time!

I'm looking forward to dancing the dance of bodywork with you!


Book a Session


phone: (510) 333-8433

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