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My Herbal Offerings:

Plants and humans have co-evolved together since the beginning of time.  They know our bodies, minds, and spirits better than any.  Plants are our best teachers and healers when we're off center, in need of guidance and a dance back into equilibrium.  As an herbalist, I form a bridge between people and plants and make personalized herbal remedies suited just for your specific needs.

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My Herbal Sessions: 


We start with a conversation about your current state of being and how you would like to feel, also known as a consultation, and from there we unravel layer upon layer to map out a path towards balance and wellbeing.  I may also use tongue and pulse assessment to tune into your internal state, gathering yet another level of information.  In addition, I may incorporate dream work into our session, helping us tap deeper into your subconscious inner knowings.  From the learnings I gather about your current state, constitution, and wellness goals, I craft custom herbal formulations suited just for you.  These herbal remedies may take the form of teas, tinctures, glycerites, salves, steams, infused oils, bath blends, foot soaks, and the list goes on.  I also offer nutritional and lifestyle guidance to create a complete circle of support for your optimal well being.  I love to pair Bodywork with Herbalism calling the convergence of the two Botanical Bodywork.  More information about my bodywork practice can be found on my

Bodywork page.

As a Community Herbalist

I work with all people and ages from 0 - 100+ and support a wide variety of health and wellness concerns

Some common complaints include:


Digestive issues



Stress Management 




Cardiovascular Health

Urinary system support

Immune Support



Pain Management


Autoimmune diseases

Wound Healing

and more!

as well as . . .

All Things Womb:

Menstrual Cramps

Cycle Irregularities

Hormonal Balancing




Healing From Trauma 

Scar Tissue

Breast and Chest Health



Ritualized Rites of Passage

Conscious Conception/Contraception

Prenatal support

Postpartum support

. . .you name it, truly all things womb

Sessions and Rates:

Initial Intake: 1.5 - 2hrs  - $150

Follow Ups: 45 mins - 1 hr - $100

*Herbal remedies I prepare for you are an additional cost

Package of 3 Sessions:

Includes an initial intake and 2 follow up sessions:


Modes of payment accepted:

Cash, Check, Venmo, Zelle, PayPal

*Sliding scale and reduced rate options available upon inquiry 

 ~ ~ Gift Certificates Available! ~ ~

Fill out the form below to purchase

Where Do Sessions Take Place?


Berkeley Acupuncture Project

1229 Solano Ave, Albany, CA 94706


Other Days:

House Visits in the comfort of your own home


A Berkeley Park where we meet in Healing Nature for our Session


For non-bodywork sessions we can meet remotely via zoom.

To Book a Session:

Email me at and we'll schedule a time!

I'm looking forward to connecting you with some herbal delights!


Book a Session


phone: (510) 333-8433

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