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For All Things Womb...


Welcome To All Things Womb

. . .

The womb is an alchemist and keeper of time

 ever transforming

the guardian of the crossroads between life and ​death

a sovereign being 

ebbing and flowing

with the moon and tides

the magnet that anchors us to the earth

. . .

I call myself a womb worker. . .

guiding womb bearers to connect with their inner temple space and 

find healing, pleasure, and empowerment through

knowing and loving their bodies.

I am an herbalist, bodyworker, and full spectrum doula offering a variety of services beyond the common idea of what a doula does.

I support womb bearers with holistic womb care specializing in:



Body Literacy & Fertility Awareness Coaching 

Herbal Contraception

Conscious Conception and Contraception

Holistic Abortion and Pregnancy Loss Support

Birth and Postpartum Care *specializing in homebirth

Ritualized Rites of Passage and Ceremony for all ages and phases

Abdominal & Womb Massage

Prenatal & Postpartum Massage


Holistic Sexual & Reproductive Health


Some examples of Womb Topics and Imbalances people seek my help with include:

Painful Menstruation

Cycle Irregularity

Hormonal Balancing




Uterine and Ovarian Cysts

Breast Health

Scar Tissue

Healing From Trauma



Prenatal Support

Postpartum Recovery


and more...



Sessions & Rates:

*Sliding scale and reduced rate options available upon inquiry

Modes of payment accepted:

Cash, Check, Venmo, Zelle, PayPal


Holistic Womb Wellness + Sexual & Reproductive Support Sessions:

Initial Session: 1.5 - 2 hrs - $150

Follow Ups: 1 hr - $100

Package of 3 Sessions:

Includes an initial intake and 2 follow up sessions:


*herbal remedies I prepare for you are an additional cost

. . .

Body Literacy, Fertility Awareness Coaching, & Herbal Contraception


Initial Mentorship Session: 1.5 -  2hr - $150

Follow ups: 1 hr - $100

Package of 3 Sessions:

Includes an initial intake/coaching and 2 follow up sessions:


. . .

Abortion & Pregnancy Loss Support

Initial Intake and Consultation: 1 hr - $100

*On Going Support Through Your Process Negotiated with Individual*

Attendance at Abortion/Pregnancy Release: $35/hr

Postpartum Ritual: 1.5 - 2 hr - $150

*If this is out of your price range please contact me and we can work within your 

budget, I aim to make this accessible for everyone, and I turn no one away!

. . .

Abdominal & Womb Massage:

60 minute - $100

90 minute - $150

. . .

Postpartum Care

 $40 per hour

. . .

Birth Package:

Sliding Scale $1750 - $2250

* if this is inaccessible to you please reach out!


~ In the comfort of your own home ~

 2-3  prenatal visits (roughly 90 mins to 120)

1 prenatal Massage (90 mins)

Customized Herbal Support (some herbs included, others additional cost)

Attendance at birth team meeting if applicable

Birth Attendance

1 Postpartum Visit


Lots of Love and Care Throughout

~ ~ Gift Certificates Available! ~ ~

Fill out the form below to purchase

. . .

Where Do Sessions Take Place?


Berkeley Acupuncture Project

1229 Solano Ave, Albany, CA 94706


Other Days:

House Visits in the comfort of your own home


A Berkeley Park where we meet in Healing Nature for our Session


For non-bodywork sessions we can meet remotely via zoom.

To Book a Session:

Email me at and we'll schedule a time!

I'm looking forward to supporting you!


Book a Session


phone: (510) 333-8433

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